Bid Writing and Editing

Our bid writing and editing service will deliver clear, concise and compelling responses. They will fully address all parts of the question providing added value to gain maximum marks.

Our experience of assessing major government bids means that we know what is needed to achieve success.

All responses will be tailored to meet your customer's specific needs and address their key concerns.

Clear responses that fully answer the question, provide clear benefits, substantiated evidence and deliver added value will gain full marks.

Responses that do not identify the benefits or provide evidence will not be successful.

Write Simply

Simple short punchy sentences and paragraphs are easier to read and therefore easier to review.

Your aim is to make it simple for the bid reviewer. Don’t complicate their lives and write overly long sentences within lengthy paragraphs that hide the key messages.

Compelling Executive Summaries

A compelling Executive Summary can help to put you in first place in the reviewers mind before they have started to read the main document.

Highlighting your key benefits and your main win themes to the customer in a brief, focussed Executive Summary will have a powerful positive effect on the reader.

Win Themes – your key winning messages

Win themes are your key winning messages that describe what you will do to meet your customer’s needs. They provide a clear and concise description of the benefits that you can deliver and the evidence you can use to substantiate that.

We will work with you to develop your win themes so that they present a completely compelling case.

We suggest that your win themes are developed at the very outset of the bid so that the winning messages can be weaved throughout your response.

Storyboarding and Writing Plans

Storyboarding and writing plans help to give guidance and structure to your responses before they are written. We will develop the storyboards at the outset of the project highlighting any areas that need particular attention.

Our writers will work with your subject experts to draw out all of the key points, benefits and evidence to provide the best possible response.

Pink and Red Team Reviews

Structured reviews are essential for the success of your bid. A well run review can make the difference between success and failure.

The review process needs to be rigorous and constructive so that the greatest level of benefit is gained.

We recommend that a high proportion of the review team is independent from the bid team so that there are fresh eyes looking over the responses.

We can manage the review process for you to ensure that your proposal is of the highest quality and has captured all the essential information needed.